Who   We   Are

Our mission is to make the most effective living biotherapies ever created by taking advantage of millions of years of evolutionary interplay between microbes and immune cells.

In pursuit of this mission, we are guided by these values:

Be Curious - Always try to understand the why, whether it's in the clinic, the lab, the meeting room, or the boardroom. We are driven by curiosity and ask questions to uncover the why, and use the why to develop strategies to learn the how.

Be Wayfinders - Use the knowledge gained from past experience, but don't be confined by it. We imagine what's possible and find new ways to get there.

Be Best-In-Class - If it’s worth doing, it's worth doing to the absolute best of our abilities. This extends from bench to bedside - we give our best effort for each other and patients.

Be Supportive - Care deeply about our work and one another. We ensure that everyone has what they need to succeed, whether it's a helping hand for a colleague, or the best possible medicine for patients.

Jonathan Kotula, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder
Russell Carrington
PhD - COO and Co-Founder
Prof. Dan Portnoy
PhD - Distinguished Professor UC Berkeley and Co-Founder
Barbara Troupin, MD/MBA
Fractional CMO
Shannon Dahl
Fractional CSO
Ed Lemmens
MS - Immunology
Joel Berry
PhD - Microbiology
Chris Shu
Advisor and Investor (Partner @ Pac8)
Mike Whittaker
JD - IP Counsel
Ser-Chen Fu
MD - Advisor and Investor (Partner @ Pac8)
Mohan Iyer
Advisor and Investor (Partner @ SOSV)
Head Of R&D
Head Of CMC

Our   Investors